DNS mappings

General procedure

Part of the data in the directory is publish as DNS information. This requires a way of mapping LDAP distinguished names to DNS domain names.

This is done in the usual way by using the domainComponent (ie. dc) attributes present in the DN, and using them to build the associated domain name. Depending on the entry being published, more stuff may be added in front of the result.


See the page about the DNS service for more information.

Usual objectClasses

As far as possible, we will try to reuse object classes already defined in standards, such as ipHost or posixAccount, with their usual meanings. This should allow us to use existing tools arch pam and name service modules, DNS servers, and so on.


In order to deploy a given service on our infrastructure, 2 pieces of information are required :

The hosts which effectively provide a service are those which are both eligible and willing to do so.


patnetService is an abstract object class, parent to the actual service requests for the different kind of services. The instances of the derived class are used:

It contains the following attributes, common to all kinds of services: